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How to book warp treatment

Go to the top menu Warp Treatment then select 'Record Flattening Service'.

Record Flattening & Warp Treatment

We can reduce warps and usually completely remove them but the process is not always straightforward due to the considerable variences in the quality and thickness of the vinyl used to manufacture records.

What causes warps?

Records fresh from the press can sometimes have warps and we have seen a surprising number of expensive audiophile recordings that are warped before their first play. Normally the main causal factor - after poor quality vinyl or pressing faults - is bad storage. Records need to be stored upright and somewhere not too hot. We recommend storage below 20°C as an ideal, avoid temperatures above 30°C and especially avoid localised heat such as window sills or close proximity to radiators.

How do we do it?

We use purpose designed equipment which produces a carefully controlled gentle heat according to the thickness of the record being flattened. A slightly too high temperature can have drastic results whereas too low means no change takes place, so temperature control is critical to a good outcome.

It is also essential that the record is properly cleaned before warp removal because minute particles of dirt can be forced into the groove as the record changes back to it's original shape, leaving permanent damage that cannot be removed later. Therefore we give each record a 'Pro Clean' before warp treatment commences and this is included in the quoted price.

How successful is the process?

The severity of the warp generally only has a marginal effect on the final outcome but warps will almost always be significantly reduced and in the majority of cases completely removed.

If the warp is very severe, then as the record straightens the grooves can begin to close up. Even though the grooves would have opened up on one side when the warp originally formed, this re-closing of the groove can sometimes have a more detrimental effect on the sound than the original warp. Picture discs can be especially difficult to treat as they do not respond in the same way as conventional records.

Most warped records will benefit from warp reduction treatment but because of all the variables involved we cannot guarantee the final outcome of the treatment.

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