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Professional Vinyl Record Cleaning

We believe we offer the finest vinyl record cleaning service available today and that our 'Pro Clean' alcohol and solvent free method is as good as it gets.

A 'Pro-Clean' will not only improve the look of your cherished vinyls but in the majority of cases it will often improve the sound quality - even when records have been previously cleaned by other methods. 

What causes record contamination?

New records are already very likely to be contaminated during the manufacturing process because a release agent is used to help free the vinyl from the press stamper and this will then remain on the record surface. Also record manufacturing plants can have all sorts of airborne contaminants and so even brand new records will often benefit from proper cleaning.

Generally the two major causes of contamination are poor handling when the record is out of it's sleeve and poor storage. Vinyl is also prone to static charges which cause surface noise and attract dust and dirt like a powerful magnet. Unfortunately in the past it was not unusual for records to be supplied in poorly designed sleeves that have no antistatic properties and this further compounds the problems.

How do we it?

We have designed bespoke cleaning equipment which uses modern technology to give the best possible outcome. The 'Pro Clean' process starts with ultrasonic cleaning which gives better results than any other system because it penetrates deep into every small twist and turn of the record grooves. Our specially formulated solvent free cleaning fluid, together with millions of tiny bubbles, gently massages all the dirt away.

Following the wet clean we apply a carefully developed forced air process which removes residual fluid from within the grooves, making the record literally cleaner than new - especially now that the old release agent has also been removed. The record is then given a final antistatic treatment before being placed in a new antistatic sleeve.

(If the original inner sleeve is in good condition then the new sleeve can often be slipped into it to keep the look of the original record packaging. It is not recommended to re-use the original sleeve alone, as it will almost certainly be contaminated).

How successful is the process?

The 'Pro Clean' process is very successful for removal of dust, dirt and airborne pollution - such as that caused by smoke or aerosol polishes - and finger prints, spilt drinks, mold from poor storage and many other contaminants. Following treatment, stylus tip and record wear will be reduced and your record will often sound significantly better - even if it is brand new.

The process will not work well on things like paint, some glues and other major contamination. An immaculately clean record can still have surface noise, clicks and pops from scratches or where dirt particles have become fused to the groove wall through being played while the record wasn't properly clean; also from careless handling in the past or even inherent manufacturing faults.

Major damage cleaning service

If your record has suffered major contamination we will gladly undertake an evaluation to see if it can be rescued. Each case is treated seperately and we quote per record for this specialist service, so please contact us before sending in any major contamination records. 

Want extra detailed record cleaning information?

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