About Us

We Just Love Vinyl Records!

A major part of our business is high quality professional record cleaning at a price that is designed to be fair and accessible to all vinyl record fans.

The equipment used for cleaning the records is bespoke to Vinylene, being designed and largely manufactured 'in house'. The process uses a carefully determined mix of ultrasonic cleaning, brushes and forced air drying. The result is a very clean record surface that will often sound better than when it was first made.

We supply plenty of other vinyl things as well including a broad range of popular phono cartridges, carefully selected equipment for turntable set-up/tonearm alignment, a choice of record mailers/sleeves and other nice bits and pieces specially chosen to help make vinyl listening a fun enjoyable and most of all 'musical' experience. Also don't forget we have a high quality record flattening and warp removal service too.....

If you are keen to really look after your vinyl collection why not check out our 'In The Groove' pages of tips and tricks which show how to get the best from record players and turntables, plus plenty of pointers on practical vinyl record care and safe storage. 

We are based in the south of England and are gradually expanding our range of products and services to make vinyl more accessible to everyone who loves that unique sound of music!

Happy listening,

Jeremy Morley

Vinylene UK