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Introduction to Setting Up Record Players

Basic record players are easy to use and come ready set-up but more sophisticated equipment is often adjustable, which allows interchange of components and optimisation of the sound. 

Hi-Fi and audio outlets frequently offer a set-up service for items they sell and there are a number of specialist companies that only deal with audio set-up. When buying used equipment it is always worth carrying out a few basic set-up checks for peace of mind. If any major items like tonearms or cartridges are later changed or upgraded, they will need careful adjustment to help minimise damage to both themselves and the records they are playing. 

A lot of the individual parts used in record players are very precisely engineered and some are delicate and easily damaged, so a steady hand (and sometimes lots of patience) may be needed. If you want to do the work yourself then it will be necessary to get the right specifications for everything that is being adjusted - even experienced audio engineers can only do a limited amount of tweaking without the correct data! 

Accurate set-up is really worthwhile and adds hugely to the enjoyment to be had from listening to those cool vinyls - especially when everything is set just right!

Want to know more about record player set up?

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