Record Sleeves

Record Sleeves

12", 10", 7" Vinyl Record Sleeves.

Our standard inner sleeves are premium quality HDPE antistatic round bottom sleeves that are ideal for long term storage of vinyl records and shellac 78's. They automatically repel static and help keep the contents dust free. The rounded bottom means they are easier to remove and install into the outer cover. They can often be inserted into the original inner sleeve if maintaining the original look of the packaging is important.

We also offer very high quality 12" triple layer antistatic square bottom inner sleeves which have a rice paper insert and are ideal for archival storage or for users wanting only the best.

We additionally stock outer polythene sleeves for the protection of record outer covers. These are available in 2 different qualities for 12" records and we have outer protective sleeves for 7" and 10" records as well.

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