Record Flattening Service

10" & 12" Vinyl Record Warp Treatment service. 

Warp treatment service using specially designed equipment to give the best possible results in a carefully controlled environment. We can normally significantly reduce warps and usually completely remove them.

(Please be aware that we are unable to guarantee the final outcome of this treatment due to the considerable variances in the quality of vinyl used in the manufacture of records).

This service does not work with shellac 78s although vinyl 78s can be treated.

To have records professionally treated for warps using the on-line service please click the warp treatment button below:- 

We have specially designed mailers and cartons for 10" & 12" records if required - see 'Mailers' above.

Normal turnaround for our warp treatment service is 10-14 working days from receipt of records.

More information about our warp removal processes can be found at  About Warp Treatment

Vinyl Record Flattening & Warp Treatment

Vinyl Record Flattening & Warp Treatment

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